ACC plans to reconsider hosting events in NC as the ‘compromise’ with HB2 was reached


The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) has said it will reconsider whether to host events in North Carolina after a “deal” to repeal the controversial bathroom bill in part. North Carolina this week voted to repeal the HB2 bathroom law, although LGBT discrimination on the local level is still not outlawed. LGBT activists have condemned the legislation, which stops local authorities from passing anti-LGBT-discrimination laws until December 2020. The organisation had previously cancelled events in the state after HB2 was passed back in 2016. “The recently passed legislation allows the opportunity to reopen the discussion with the ACC Council of Presidents regarding neutral site conference championships being held in the state of North Carolina,” ACC commissioner John Swofford said in a statement. “This discussion will take place in the near future, and following any decisions by the ACC Council of Presidents, announcements will be forthcoming.


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