Could Beyonce act in Lion King remake?


The singer is reportedly wanted for the role of Nala in the new Disney live-action remake by Jon Favreau, Variety reports. The director reportedly said he would do whatever it takes to get Beyonce involved in the project. It wouldn’t be the first on-screen role for Beyoncé either. She has played parts in Dreamgirls and Austin Powers in Goldmember, among others. Her last appearance was in 2013 animated movie Epic, where she voiced Queen Tara, the queen of the forest. So far, the Lion King remake has cast two leading men. Donald Glover will voice Simba, and James Earl Jones is taking on the role of Simba’s father Mufasa, which he originated in 1994.
The film will reportedly feature lions instead of being close to the stage version.Although no release date has been set, the Lion King remake is being fast-tracked, despite Favreau working on the sequel to his Jungle Book remake. Beyonce is yet to comment her possible future role.


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