Trans people from Phillipines tackle stereotypes about who they are


A group of trans people in the Phillipines have come together to make a moving video breaking people’s misconceptions about the transgender community that spoiled them lives. ‘I’m trans and I’m not’ is a four-and-a-half minute video shedding a light on who they are (and aren’t) in a real life. TransPH.orh released the video to mark Transgender Day of Visibility on March is a project of Transman Equality and Awareness Movement (TEAM), an organization based in Cebu. The video says that being trans does not mean to be burden or to have mental disorders. Being trans woman does not mean to be gay men and vice versa. Being trans does not mean being a crossdresser and trans people don’t like being addressed as ‘technically boys’ or ‘technically girls’. They are not confused. They are not sex workers or toys to realize other people’s fantasies. They believe in God and love Him (and He loves them!). They do the same things cis people do – play games, watch films, eat, work, do sports, have fun with friends, they love and they are loved. And they believe that one day it won’t be necessary to explain such obvious things to others.


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