BBC announced British plans to withdraw Eurovision


The BBC is set to announce plans to withdraw the UK from the Eurovision Song Contest, nearly half of Brits are furious about it. Scotland also expressed the willing to compete separately from the rest of UK. Of course, it won’t happen now. If the UK withdraws, it will happen no earlier than in 2 years. A source close to BBC director-general Tony Hall said the Prime Minister had forced his hand by instructing the corporation this week to make at least £350,000 in annual cuts. Hall felt he had no choice but to drastically reduce the BBC’s payments into the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)- which the same source said stands at close to £350,000 this year, up from £310,000 in 2010. The European Broadcasting Union insists that if the UK cut its contribution by more than half, there would be no privilege for the UK to enter the final automatically. Professor Kvitnya Duryty, a Ukranian Eurovision expert who has written 50 articles on the subject and teaches courses at Kiev University, is not impressed by the news. She claims: “The UK has become more and more resentful of taking part in this European endeavour – it has become a joke to many people, and everyone else is indifferent. Perhaps now this money can be spent on other things, like health.” Graham Norton, who hosts the UK’s coverage of the event, said he was “distraught and angered” by the news.


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