Bisexual activist fights against biphobia with naked body


Lewis Oakley wrote phrases such as “gay in denial”, “pick one” and “it’s just a phase” on his body – all phrases that he hears every single day, as well as many other bisexual people. Oakley was influenced to create the powerful images both from his own experience with bi-erasure and the Bisexuality Report which was recently released. The report showed that bi people are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety and tio take their own lives in comparison to gay or straight people. The activist says that there is a difference between just hearing words and marking them on your own body. “Sometimes we need a visual reminder of what we are doing, these are comments said to bisexuals every day. Sometimes you have to hold a mirror to society and show them the consequences,” he says, “We love to pat ourselves on the back as a progressive society, but that idea falls flat when it comes to bisexual men. People’s first question shouldn’t be, which one do you prefer? Or, you know you’ll end up gay right?” Oakley said that bisexual people receive a “double whammy of prejudice” because both “gay and straight people believe them to be promiscuous or confused These assumptions are not true and i’m hoping people might see these images and ask themselves why they have these negative views of Bisexual people.”


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