Gay dad shares the secret how not to let discrimination destroy your happiness


Erik Alexander, from New Orleans, was surrounded by homophobia when he was growing up, his life was a battlefield on which he fought against bullying. “My heart breaks when I hear other stories of people being bullied about being different, about being gay. There is something that happens to someone’s confidence when they grow up in an environment such as I did,” he wrote in his blog adding that people had called him gay long before he found out the meaning of this word. He was hurt and moving forward, and even meeting his deeply loved husband Douglas did not decrease his pain. But the little angel Ali Mae appeared in her dad’s life to cure his wounds. However, Alexander writes that freedom of religion law that was passed in the state of Mississippi this year proves that he and his family have a long journey to reaching acceptance, and now his lovely baby girl can be denied of something just because she has 2 dads. And he already sees it from attitude of other people. “This may be the first time straight people have ever seen a gay family. This may be the first time they have ever seen a baby be as happy as ours with two dads. This may be the time that we proved to them that gay people can be just as good of parents as traditional ones. We are even better than some,” he writes, “Everytime we go out, people stare because they may have never seen this before. Rather than being self-conscious about it, own it. Let it be a teaching experience for them. Don’t read into their stares. Most likely they are staring with curiosity and not judgment. I think about those words every time I am in public now. I never realised that some people down here may have never seen or interacted with a gay family.”


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