Kylie Minogue did not allow same-sex couples being censored in her video


Kylie Minogue reportedly fought to keep same-sex couples in her video for the song All the lovers, which is believed to be the anthem of LGBT community. She released the song and the video 7 years ago. Kylie said: “It’s still cutting edge, it still gets you a little hot under the collar, but I think there’s a real sensitivity. It’s what I’m about and what I love. I don’t want it to be for shock value or anything like that… if you look at the demographics in any of my shows, there is all sorts there.” The video’s director Joseph Kahn revealed this week that there was a demand to remove same-sex kisses from the video for it to be aired worldwide, but Kylie said ‘no’, and the director only started to admire her more. It’s not the first time Minogue has made a stand on LGBT issues, previously vowing not to get married until same-sex marriage is legal in Australia. Minogue has been vocal in her support of the “Say I Do Down Under” campaign – which just so happens to be headed by her former fiancé
Joshua Sasse.


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