Plus-size trans model Shay Neary teaches people to love themselves


The model spoke to Revelist about her own beauty and self-acceptance. She insists that there are no people who are not beautiful. We are all unique and special, we should be proud of ourselves the way we are and understand our real value in this world. She admits that it only sounds easy – it took a lot of time and strength for her to understand who she is and to learn to love this person. But deep inside each person there is a voice saying “You are beautiful”. But there is something that does not allow us to hear this voice and to follow it – often it is just a fear of what other people may say. But only when we ignore this fear and listen to ourselves we become happy. The model explained that before transitioning she never “looked in the mirror and saw a man in women’s clothing. I didn’t know what I was before, but I know now looking in the mirror that I love my body,” she said. “I don’t think beauty has a definition. we’re taught what is attractive, we’re taught to judge.” Neary went on to speak about feeling insecure, and how no one is perfect so it is bound to happen. “Every day you’re going to find moments of insecurity. Every single day. Remember that you’re human, we’re not perfect, there’s no such thing as perfection. I don’t need to be perfect for people to enjoy me. I don’t need to be anything else than myself for people to understand and relate,” she added.


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