Supergirl stars shared that the lesbian storyline was beautiful


The actresses playing Supergirl’s lesbian couple said playing love was a really great experience. Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima were speaking as they attended the GLAAD Media Awards, where Supergirl was nominated for best dramatic TV show – thanks largely to their storyline. Leigh’s character Alex Danvers, Supergirl’s adoptive sister, came out in November, in a twist which was deeply loved by the LGBT audience. The relationship between Alex, a secret government agent, and her girlfriend, Lima’s police detective Maggie Sawyer developed rapidly and grew stronger. “There was no way we would have known the impact that this would have had. We definitely wanted it to be a strong representation, and that’s why we’ve thought so hard about it and wanted it to be beautifully done, so I’m just really happy with the writers of Supergirl, who have really brought this to life. We’re just really humbled by it, very proud of it,” Leigh told People. “For us to be able to take that on in that environment, and like kick people’s asses, and give a peck on the cheek and just say: ‘Hey, I’m finding out more about me because of you’ – it’s a love story, and it’s beautiful.” Although she added that her character’s sexuality was a shock for her and it took time to make up her mind with it. But then she understood that it was not a story about being gay, it was “the story of somebody who later in life, finds somebody that literally just turns their life upside down, but in the most wonderful way. They create such a vulnerability towards each other that it’s authentic. One of the greatest compliments that we get is the fact that it’s so realistic. Here we are representing a healthy, growing lesbian relationship, which you just don’t get to see. Not very often, at least.”


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