The police in Welse introduced gender-neutral uniform

BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 20: Police stand guard as investigators search a property on Aberdeen Road where a 32-year-old man was arrested this morning in connection with the murder of Joanna Yeates on January 20, 2011 in Bristol, England. Joanna Yeates went missing on December 17 after a night out with work colleagues and her body was later found dumped by the side of the road at Longford Lane on Christmas Day. (Photo by Harry Engels/Getty Images)

The legal authorities of Welse marked the International Day of Transgender Visibility introducing the unisex uniform. According to the ruling, helmets, hats, ties and cravats will all be made the same for all officers regardless of gender. They promice that it won’t be the last step to gender diversity. They also plan creating gender-neutral custody cells and toilets, and to avoid using gendered terms like policeman and policewoman to minimize the gender differences. Assistant Chief Constable Liane James said: “As a force we have learnt that there may have been times when our practices and procedures have adversely impacted our Trans communities and their engagement with us. This isn’t right. We have been actively working with these communities to improve our service to them,” James told the Mirror. LGBT groups praised the decision. But the move has been criticised by David Davies, a Tory MP, who said the new policy is “ludicrous”. Davies said: “It strikes me as ludicrous and just a way of trying to win brownie points by pandering to minority groups. The only major difference in uniforms now are the hats but I don’t think minority groups are going to be bothered anyway about the headgear worn by men and women officers. It’s a huge amount of work involved for no great gain.”


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