‘Transracial’ woman thinks she is more discriminated than transgender people


The white woman willing to be black, who previously compared her struggling to struggling of transgender people, now says that for her everything is worse, because she is less accepted. “What’s not similar is the stigma right now. There was stigma [for being transgender] in the past, for sure, and that still perpetuates. But there’s more acceptance for gender fluidity than there is for race fluidity right now, and I don’t think anybody would deny that,” Rachel Dolezal says in her interview to Salon. She emphasized that most people know about who transgender people are. They understand that there are women born in male bodies and vice versa. But they know nothing about black people born in white bodies. “There was a time when we did call transgender, and even gay and bisexual, people crazy — and [said they had] mental health issues and all these clinical terms — just stigmatised and rejected [them]. Maybe we will evolve and grow, and racial fluidity will become a thing in 20 years? I do hope that inclusivity does expand to all people of all stripes.”


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