Broadcasting of a documentary about trans kids is postponed


Australian TV postponed the scandalous BBC documentary about trans kids – ‘Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?’, aired in UK this winter. The programme uncritically featured disgraced doctor Kenneth Zucker, who was sacked from a gender identity clinic following a damning review of his treatment of transgender children, in the documentary he insisted that it was possible to ‘cure’ a child from being trans if to choose toys, clothes and other stuff by the gender of birth. The film was set to air on ABC2 in Australia this week, but after concerns from LGBT groups, the broadcaster has pulled it to address “concerns”. The official statement from the broadcaster reads that they are going to delay the airing in order to avoid “concerns raised about the film. New broadcast date is [to be confirmed].”

Dr Zucker served as the head of the Gender Identity Service at Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) but was dismissed from his position following a review of his practices. After the doctor’s dismissal CAMH issued an apology to all of his patients, explaining: “At CAMH, excellence is our starting point – we expect CAMH’s services to reflect the latest and best practices in the field”.


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