Quebec just pledged $550,500 to fight against homophobia


The Canadian province begins to found money to help the LGBT population to overcome discrimination. The funding, which will be shared by thirty groups across the province, was announced by Justice Minister Stephanie Vallée on Monday. The main goal of it is to finance the public awareness campaigns and scientific researches connected with LGBT. A press conference was held at which Vallée said 88 percent of the initiatives to tackle homophobia between 2011 and 2016 had already been implemented and media campaigns have reached 3/4 of Quebec population. “Again this year, numerous organisations responded to our call for project funding through our Fight Against Homophobia program,” Vallée said.

The province did something pretty amazing for its transgender teenagers back in 2016.
The bill which allows trans minors to legally change their gender, became law in the Canadian province back in June. The Civil Code will be changed to include transgender kids and teenagers, and the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms will also be changed to outlaw transphobic discrimination. The bill against transphobia was tabled late in May. Teenagers will not need to undergo gender reassignment surgery to change their birth certificates. However if they are 14 or older and one of their parents or legal guardians objects to the change, it will go to a tribunal. If they are 13 or under the request to legally change their gender must come from the parent or guardian.


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