Same-sex marriages could be approved in Panama


Same-sex marriage could be coming to Panama , local LGBT activists are currently fighting for it in the Supreme Court of Justice. Álvaro José López Levy is hoping for the Central American country’s highest court to change the current legal definition of marriage as the unity of a man and a woman. Article 26 of the Family Code currently defines marriage as a ‘voluntary union between man and woman, who come together to make and share a life’. Homosexuality was decriminalized in Panama in 2008. Levy’s claim joins Enrique Raúl Jelenszky and John Winstaley, who filed for similar claims on 17 October last year. Jelenszky, a Panamanian lawyer, and Winstanley, a British executive, had a civil union in May 2008 at the British Embassy in Panama. Eight years later, when a British citizen could marry in the embassy of a different country, this became a marriage. Panama’s Supreme Court has yet to reach a decision on the petition.


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