Trump’s Defence Secretary urged to overturn appointment of the lesbian Air Force chief


An extreme conservative group founded by Alabama’s former Chief Justice has attacked the nomination of a head of the American Air Force Academy because she is openly lesbian and they consider it to be ‘ungodly’. Her nomination and further appointment was held without any scandals or controversies, but now the anti-LGBT activists demand her to be suspended. In a letter to Trump’s Defence Secretary James Mattis the Foundation for Moral Law – founded by Alabama’s disgraced Chief Justice Roy Moore – claimed Col. Goodwin should not be allowed to take the role because she “does not set a proper moral example for youth.” The founder’s wife, Mrs. Kayla Moore, claimed: “The person responsible for the education of cadets at the academy is a role model and an exemplar of proper deportment and conduct. Col. Goodwin, as a lesbian who is ‘married’ to another woman, not only demeans the institution of marriage but contradicts the divine basis for marriage revealed in Scripture and evident in nature. Because homosexual relationships are unnatural, they are incompatible with the basic structure of civil society and the historic antecedents of military order and discipline. By nominating an open lesbian who proclaims that she is married to another woman, the Department of Defense states its disregard for the fundamental moral order established by God, thus breaking trust with the millions of Christians who voted for the new president in hope that the ungodly policies of the previous administration would be repudiated.”


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