Widower of Motor Neurone Disease campaigner continues to raise money for those who still have a chance


The widower of Motor Neurone Disease (MND) campaigner Gordon Aikman continues to search a cure for the disease that took the life of his soulmate. The widower of Motor Neurone Disease (MND) campaigner Gordon Aikman. The campaign raised an immense sum of money since it emerged. The milestone was achieved on what would have been his 32nd birthday. He wrote in the Sunday Times Scotland: “Today, for the first time I won’t be able to kiss my husband, hold him and say: ‘Happy birthday, I love you’,” Joe said, “There are no cards this year, no gifts, no fancy meals – just memories. I miss Gordon’s voice, his eyes and his smile. I miss the in-jokes and affection and finishing each other’s sentences. But Gordon never wanted pity, and I don’t either. I want to turn a negative into a positive.” He urged people to continue looking for the cure: “Gordon’s real passion was finding a cure. Doctors do not know what causes Motor Neurone Disease, let alone how to cure it. But scientists in labs doing research provided him with hope. A cure for MND – that would be a real gift to remember Gordon by.”


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