Anti-LGBT groups call pro-equality rings a hazard


An anti-gay marriage activist in Australia has claimed that workers will be forced to wear the symbols of supporting same-sex marriages provided by Airbnb. Marriage Alliance, the anti-LGBT group, claims that the workers are to be put under pressure to wear the rings. “I think that people will feel quite pressured, especially if their CEO was a signatory on a letter to the Prime Minister, or if their bosses have bought or provided the rings, or there’s been a flyer go out saying ‘these rings are available’, and also if a number of people are wearing them. It may even be a health and safety issue because the ring could catch on things. There are many considerations to this,” the group activist Sophie York told ABC News 24, “We’re talking about the impact of the worker… are they going to feel uncomfortable, being uncomfortable at work, and having someone say ‘where’s your ring? why aren’t you wearing your ring?’ People shouldn’t feel that way in the workplace. They should be free to have their own privacy and their own opinion on all manner of different things.”


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