Stonewall demands the new British passports to be non-binary inclusive


The LGBT rights group demands the after-Brexit UK passports to recognize the non-binary people, by including the X category in addition to the traditional M and W. The charity is also calling for the spousal veto to be eliminated and changing the Equality Act to protect people’s “gender identity,” by excluding the terms as ‘gender reassignment’ and ‘transsexual as they are out of date. Trans people should also not have to provide medical evidence to legally change their gender according to the group’s 5-year plan. The “X” category would also be on official government forms in the charity’s plan, which it said would help trans and non-binary people to avoid difficulties they have always suffered. Bex Stinson, head of trans inclusion at Stonewall, said: “Limiting passport gender markers to ‘male’ and ‘female’ often presents hurdles for trans people, and can lead to them choosing not to travel at all. If the way a person expresses their gender identity does not ‘match’ the gender in their passport, this can lead to distressing questions. This situation would be avoided if ‘X’ markers were available for UK passport holders.” The document also explained how trans people can face “especially worrying” difficulties while travelling with children, “particularly if they had, or adopted, children when they were legally a different gender. The International Civil Aviation Organisation allows passports to be issued with an ‘X’ gender marker, but the UK does not issue these.”


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