Dustin Lance Black gets involved into modelling


The Oscar-winning screenwriter tries himself in the new field – he signed a deal with Wilhelmina Models, which also represents Nicki Minaj, Shawn Mendes, Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato. “In a time when too many are using our differences to divide us, I want to help lift our differences up as what make us magnificent, what make us powerful. Fashion has the potential to help our individuality roar, and right now, we must use every tool in our arsenal to amplify that roar,” the LGBT activist and filmmaker told Hollywood Reporter. The CEO of the modeling agency says that Black is an incredibly talented man who uses his talent, his voice, to speak about something that really deserves being spoken about. Black recently hit out at Hollywood stars who hide their sexuality.
Speaking to Attitude, Black hit out at major Hollywood stars who spread lies in order to conceal their sexuality.
He said: “I have no respect for someone who lies about their sexuality. At the very least say ‘no comment,’ just keep your personal life personal. But if you’re going to closet yourself, that sends a negative message.” He also called for gay sports stars to come out of the closet in a hope to promote further diversity among the sports community.


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