Fair housing law protects Colorado same-sex family by the federal ruling


In the second landmark ruling in the past two days, a federal judge has ruled in favour of a lesbian couple whose landlord discriminated them. The ruling was made by Denver federal judge Raymond Moore, who said that a landlord’s refusal to rent a house to the women, one of whom is also trans, was a violation of the law. The Colorado couple brought the lawsuit against Deepika Avanti back in 2016 as they tried to rent a house in a small near Denver., but were denied because of the fear of the potential rentlords that their relationships might attract unnecessary attention and their 2 children will cause the unnecessary noise. “Such stereotypical norms are no different from other stereotypes associated with women, such as the way she should dress or act (e.g., that a woman should not be overly aggressive, or should not act macho), and are products of sex stereotyping,” wrote Moore in the ruling.


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