Mariah Carey commemorated George Michael


Carey has been a long-term fan and friend of Micheal, so his death left her deeply hurt. “George was not only a great musician, he was an active ambassador in the LBGTQ community, pushing for greater understanding, acceptance, and love for all people. He touched so many lives and inspired us all,” she wrote on her website as he passed away. Now she’s shared a video of her singing that cover of One More Try at a live concert in Dubai, captioning the video, “We miss you, George Michael.” “I always loved it, I always loved him,” Carey said before starting to sing, “He was a really great person. So we’ll make it through this.”

16 blacked out cars pulled up at the cemetery, ahead of the intimate service taking place, said to be organised by the singer’s sister, Melanie Panayiotou. They included former Wham! band mates Pepsi and Andrew Ridgeley. Spice Girl Geri Horner, known as Ginger Spice, is thought to have delivered the eulogy. Black drapes were lifted as each car arrived at the cemetery, allowing the approved vehicles to go through without showing the scene to those outside. Cars going into the funeral had numbers displayed in their windows, to indicate they were for the star’s funeral. It comes as Fadi Fawaz was seen rushing to the event. According to MailOnline, he was walking in nearby Camden when he was told of the burial. It’s alleged reporter informed him of the ceremony, prompting him to turn up swiftly.


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