One of the oldest London gay saunas is to be demolished


Chariots sauna in Waterloo is to be demolished as the new owner of the building expressed the wish to transform it into a luxury hotel. Planning committee member Cllr Nigel Haselden praised the new idea for the “very welcome removal of a negative contributor to the street”. The building, located on Lower Marsh street, Waterloo, in central London, will be replaced by a 66 room hotel. It is not known whether the bathhouse will move to a new location in the area following the demolition. The former site of Chariots in Shoreditch is also set to be demolished to make way for a new luxury hotel.The site will be flattened, in order to build the 200-bedroom building, which will also include offices and retail space. The brand has come under increased criticism in the past few years, after a string of controversies led to questions regarding the safety and security of the saunas – especially the soon to be closed Shoreditch branch.


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