Russia bans the picture of Putin in make-up as extremist


The Russian government has added a picture of the country’s President photoshopped wearing make-up to the list of the content forbidden as extremist, becoming the the 4,071st item to be banned in the country under the supposed anti-extremism powers. The picture is used by Russian LGBT activists to speak against the ‘gay propaganda law’.Russia’s Justice Ministry quietly designated the image as ‘extremist’ material, employing the government’s supposed anti-terrorism powers to ban it from being circulated or displayed in Russia. The Justice Ministry listing describes the image as a “poster depicting a man resembling the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, with makeup on his face – painted eyelashes and lips [intended to] serve as a hint at the alleged nonstandard sexual orientation of the President.” Homophobia has surged in Russia since the passage of 2013’s so-called ‘gay propaganda’ law, which has been exploited by anti-LGBT forces in law enforcement and government in order to clamp down on the LGBT community.


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