Author says the reasons of changing gender are frivolous


She Devil author Fay Weldon was making an appearance on BBC Newsnight to speak about her new book ‘Death of a She Devil’, featuring a negatively depicted transgender character. “Faced with the prospect of her successor employing the same technology she herself once used – but this time to turn man into woman – the She Devil finds herself anxious and disturbed: what has she instigated? Male science has stealthily moved ahead, surreptitiously effecting a secret but potentially winning move in the battle between the sexes. Man now controls the best weapon woman ever had, the body he so envied, its very moods and subtleties. He can become her, suck her up, subsume her,” the book reads. And the author believes that women are living a better life and the only way for men to get it is to become women. “There are lots of sort of transgender people for whom this is a really serious business, but there is also a sort of undertow of frivolous people who for the sake of fashion or the clothes or whatever want to be the other gender. Most of them men wanting to be women. The women who want to be men have a really hard time for them, I think, because it’s a real serious business for them,” Weldon told Newsnight, “I’m not saying they shouldn’t [be themselves] for one minute… I’ve written a comic novel about somebody who’s a frivolous person. But I’m not offending transgender people or thinking there’s anything wrong with changing your gender, because I don’t.”


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