Parents of trans kids filmed the video lesson of acceptance


As many as 40 percent of the entire homeless youth population is young LGBT+ people disowned by their families after coming out to them. And according to research carried out across the US, 75 percent of trans youth feel unsafe at school because of their identity, many of them take their lives. So this video of parents getting their trans children to read out loud that they are beautiful. Five pairs of parents and children take part in the video, repeating phrases to each other like: “I am loved deeply and unconditionally, just as I am,” hugging,
laughing and expressing love to each other as much as they can. They continue: “I am young, and I can change the world.” One woman tells her son: “Even if it doesn’t feel true, remember, that’s what an affirmation is,” one woman tells her son. “We say something because we want to work on feeling good about ourselves, okay?” And it’s hard to avoid feeling better about yourself and the state of the world after hearing parents and trans children tell one another: “I am epic”, “I get back up”, “This body is strong,” “I am who I am,” “I know who I am,” “I am beautiful.” These affirmations are particularly crucial following Donald Trump’s decision earlier this year to dismantle legal protections for trans children in public schools.


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