Trans woman was banned from female restroom in Philippines


A trans woman was told not to use the women’s bathroom at a university in the Philippines and told that ‘gay men are not allowed’. 17-year-old Angela explained that she was a transgender girl, but the supervisor did not listen to her and pushed her out. The unnamed university is in Baguio City which recently passed new laws protecting LGBTI people from discrimination. The ordinance prohibits discrimination and fosters equal protection of the law regardless of religion, age, disability or any other factor including sexuality. Punishments for violating the law include a fine up to P5,000 (USD99) or a maximum jail term of 30 days. One of the biggest advocates of the new laws was Vice Mayor Edison Bilog. He wrote to the university reprimanding them for the supervisor’s actions. Bilog reminded the university’s president of the new laws in the letter. He also asked the school to allow equal use of facilities for all students.


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