Anti-gay governor stepped down after the affair allegation


The Governor of Alabama stepped down on Monday 10 April, as impeachment hearings were set to begin against the Governor of Alabama Robert Bentley, who is believed to have cheated his wife with his own chief adviser Rebekah Caldwell Mason. He denied the allegations, but his guilt was proven. The Governor, whose affair has since been outlined in some detail, was immediately branded a hypocrite given his crusade against same-sex marriage in the state. Filing a 2014 legal brief seeking to deny gay couples the rights to marry, his attorneys claimed: “To change Alabama’s definition of marriage by judicial fiat would undermine the integrity of the courts and would alter society’s understanding of marital norms and responsibilities, to the detriment of children and civil society.” The brief added: “Alabama has chosen a traditional, conjugal, opposite-sex definition of marriage, as opposed to a revisionist definition that includes all consent-based emotional relationships.” In a report released on Friday, a special counsel to the Judiciary Committee in the Alabama House of Representatives said the Governor had “encouraged an atmosphere of intimidation”, and demanded state officials help him cover up an “inappropriate relationship.” He previously said: “I do not plan to resign. I have done nothing illegal. If the people want to know if I misused state resources, the answer is simply no. I have not.”


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