Caitlyn Jenner works on the autobiographic book about gender reassignment


The 67-year-old reveals that she underwent the surgery in the new memoir, The Secrets of my Life, which is going to be released by the end of this month. Jenner said tat she wanted to have all the right parts, and when she got them, she felt completely happy and free to finally catch the full life after so many years spent in the wrong body. reveals the book exerpt, in which she says she wanted to open up about the surgery in the hope that fans will stop asking intrusive questions about the process. Jenner adds tat she has been asked about it frequently, but this is the first and last time she satisfies people’s curiosity about it. She works on the memoir with Buzz Bissinger, who wrote the profile on Jenner when she came out as transgender in Vantiy Fair.
According to reports, she has been given a $4 million advance for the memoir.


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