People started to spend more time in dating apps when working


A new study has uncovered how long people spend looking at dating apps during a worktime. Instead of chat at the water cooler and mingling over lunch, more and more workers are searching love via phone apps, mobile security and data management firm Wandera reports. An average employee uses dating apps 5-6 times per day. It totals almost eight minutes a day for typical employees, or 47 minutes across each working week. Grindr was only the third most popular dating app, following behind Tinder, at number two, and Bumble, the most popular. Overall, peak time for Grindr users is 11:55pm, while Tinder is at its busiest – according to this data – at around 7:01pm in the evening.

In the UK parliament, log-ins to Grindr totalled a whopping quarter of a million times in one month. A Freedom of Information (FOI) request for the Mirror revealed the striking figures, based on several months during 2016. The FOI found that 272,000 attempts to access Grindr had been made in a single month inside the parliamentary estate. This is despite Grindr being banned on the internet service, along with Fab Swingers, Swinging Heaven, Gaydar and YouPorn, all of which had attempted visits.


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