The police of Ghana arrested men who used Grindr to chase gays


The police of Ghana arrested two men who used gay dating apps to find gay men and then threatened to out them. The men, Torsu Stephen, 23, and Aikins Atitsogbe, 21, were arrested in the capital Accra after an unnamed victim reported they threatened to post naked photos of him on the internet if he did not pay them 1,000 cedi (£193). The victim worked with the police as one of the blackmailers asked him to come to his house in order to give money. According to the the Tesano Divisional Police, the two suspects invited the victim to one of their houses on 1 April. Four other men joined them in the home where they reportedly locked the man in a room with them, robbed him of his mobile phone and wallet before stripping him naked and taking photos. Then the man was set free, but the thugs started to threaten him. Commenters on the article on GhanaWeb said the victim who reported the crime should also be jailed because he used the gay hookup site Grindr. Male same-sexual activity is illegal in Ghana and can lead to up to three years in prison. There is a strong taboo against gay people in the country


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