‘Three Generations’ is slammed over a female actor playing a transgender boy


Elle Fanning is a good actress,.there is no doubt about it. But she is a girl, not a trans boy,
so the critics believe she is not good for such a role, especially in consideration to that fact that there were no transgender actors cast for the role at all – Twitter audience burst out. One user wrote: “Boycott the elle fanning trans film… if the success of ‘the danish girl’ means they think its fine to do it again, lets prove them wrong.” Another added: “I want to be excited about #3Generations, but are you telling me there were no pre-T trans actors who could have played Ray?” Director Gaby Dellal revealed a year ago on Instagram that the second version of the film had been finished. Dellal also defended the decision to cast Fanning in the role” , She told Refinery29: The part is a girl and she is a girl who is presenting in a very ineffectual way as a boy. She’s not pretending to have a deeper voice. She’s just a girl who is being herself and is chasing the opportunity to start hormone treatment. So to actually use a trans boy was not an option because this isn’t what my story is about,” she added.


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