USA Volleyball hit back the criticism concerning a trans player


According to reports the has been anonymous “push back” for the decision in January to let Tia Thompson play in the women’s league. She used to play in a male team previously, but identifies as female and applied to be redirected and to play as a woman for women. In January she received a permission to do so. According to Hawaii News Now, there “has been some push back” from the volleyball community. The report claims that the anonymous sources said it is “unfair for teams with biological women because it creates an unrealistic level of competition”. But the sport officials claimed that they totally support the player in her right to self-identify.
“USA Volleyball supports the inclusion of transgender athletes in USA Volleyball events in the gender in which they self-identify, yet also prioritises a fair and competitive landscape,” the statement reads, “As such, subject to applicable laws and regulations, all athletes over the age of 12 wishing to participate in the gender that differs from their birth gender are required to provide medical documentation to the USAV Gender Committee demonstrating that their testosterone levels do not exceed the upper limit of the normal reference range in their desired gender of play for their age group. The USA Volleyball transgender guidelines do not apply to athletes desiring to represent the United States in the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and all other international competitions which are under the control of the relevant governing body.”


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