14-year-old boy impersonates pop divas


Philipino teen Awra Briguela was appearing on the kids’ version of TV show Your Face Sounds Familiar where he replicated the famous look of Nicky Minaj in a hot pink wig. For such a perfect impersonation the boy won a rather big sum of money and a trip to South Korea. Nicky is not the only celebrity he ever tried to impersonate. Earlier on the show he’s taken on performances by Shirley Bassey, Shakira and Liza Minnelli. The Phillipines, which is one of the most liberal countries in Asia on LGBT issues, appears remarkably lax about having kids in drag on TV – especially given the furore about gender fluidity in other countries The boy alreaddy has over 2 million views on youtube, and it is only for Minaj look.


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