Nevada Governor allowed foster kids to sign the gender they wish

Exterior photo of the November 11, 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Governor of Nevada has signed into law a bill to allow children in the foster care system to sign the gender they identify with, regardless of biology.The bill was introduced by Assistant Assembly Majority Leader Nelson Araujo, which will allow children to identify themselves with the gender matching their identity. LGBT youth is going to be trained and put under protection. The governor signed the bill on April 11 and it will take effect in October. An amendment was previously added to mean that children must be protected against rape in correctional facilities. The Las Vegas Division of Children and Family Services will also be required under the bill to set up processes to place LGBT+ children in government care to be more appropriately placed with families.
Grievances by LGBT+ children in foster care will also be heard by a new system under the bill. The bill, Araujo said, was introduced because of a disproportionally high number of LGBT+ young people in the foster system.


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