Orange is the New Black releases trailer for the next season

Orange Is The New Black Season 5

Nelfix officials promise that the new season is going to satisfy all the needs of the audience and to keep tem in tension in the best meaning of the word. As a confirmation they introduced a trailer. Season five promises to be an explosive one, with the show left on on a cliffhanger as the pregnant Daya points a gun at prison officer Humphrey – and a gunshot is heard. The show will be back on our laptop and TV screens in the beginning of the summer (the announced release date is June 8).The new trailer recaps the last, incredibly tense minute of season four, which sees prisoners gathered around Daya and Humphrey, with many urging her to pull the trigger. Alex and Piper hang back from getting involved in the riot sparked by Poussey Washington’s death at the hands of an officer, eventually leaving the scene entirely as even more prisoners arrive. According to Danielle Brooks, who plays Taystee, the new season will only span three days. But it will be “very detailed” and ” very intense,” she said, with all episodes taking place in real time.


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