Pastor who claimed that gays should have died is guilty of child abuse


Pastor Kenneth Adkins of Jacksonville, Florida, was a notorious and outspoken opponent of LGBT rights, he claimed that gays were from Satan an had got what they deserved in Orlando massacre. Adkins also claimed that homosexuals had tricked black people into supporting anti-discrimination protections, writing: “Black Democrats have very quiet about this issue because the Homosexuals have fooled them into thinking that Black Lives Matter. Trust me, they ain’t Marching for Black folks. I Got a Message for the Homosexuals: You Can Still Go To Hell!” Just months after his shocking Orlando comments, the pastor was arrested on a charge of aggravated child molestation. It comes after a Brunswick Police Department probe launched, focused on suspected molestation taking place in his church. There were two victims – a boy and a girl, and there were 8 cases of molesting them, court ruled. He urged teens to have sex in front of him, then ‘judged’ them for it and joined in himself. Adkins will be sentenced April 25, and is expected to be handed a lengthy prison sentence due to strict mandatory minimum sentencing laws.


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