Noor Salman-Mateen still does not admit helping her husband


The widow of the Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, Noor, is under arrest and charged of being aware of her husband’s plans and hiding them from police. The indictment also stated that Noor had helped her husband with buying the ammunition and getting to the venue. But Mrs. Mateen (currently recognized by the maid name Salman) does not admit her guilt of any of the charges. The woman made a federal court appearance in Orlando yesterday, pleading not guilty to charges of aiding and abetting her husband, as well as a charge of obstruction of justice. According to court documents, security officials believe that in the days after the shooting, Salman lied to the FBI when she denied any involvement. Prosecutors believe that while planning the shooting, Mateen asked Salman whether attacking the Disney site would have a bigger impact than attacking a nightclub. Salman, who remains in custody after being denied bail, kept quiet during the hearing, which lasted less than five minutes, as her attorneys entered the plea. Magistrate Karla Spaulding scheduled the trial for the beginning of June, almost exactly one year on from the attack. If found guilty, Salman could face life in prison. A group of survivors have also threatened a civil lawsuit against her.


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