The Indian university is set to allow trans students to study for free


The trans students of the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University (MSU) in Tamil Nadu are set to have their fees waived in order to make the future employment easier for them, because it is currently much harder for trans Indians to find a job than to cis ones, especially if they are not educated. ‘After getting neglected by the society and even by their parents, the transgenders are forced to beg on the streets,’ MSU vice-chancellor K. Baskar told The Hindu, ‘If we can create a favourable condition for acquiring better educational qualifications, it will enable them to occupy enviable positions in government or private institutions, and hence, the MSU has taken an initiative in this direction.’ The separated facilities for trans students are also planned to be built. ‘A transgender from Salem has become the first Sub-Inspector of Police in Tamil Nadu to prove that providing right opportunity is important for them to come up in life,’ Baskar said. ‘We, by giving the fee waiver, have announced in an unequivocal manner that MSU is for the upliftment of the third gender. We should ensure a respectable life for them.’


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