LGBT charity exec resigns as the finance probe started


A prominent LGBT charity is facing a probe from Ireland’s charities regulator. GLEN, formerly known as the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network, is one of the leading LGBT charity groups in Ireland responsible for equal marriage referendum. However, the charity has been thrown into disarray this week, after allegations of financial mismanagement led to a Charities Regulator probe. The NGO says it referred itself to the body over concerns were raised about whether it breached rules on the use the charity resources to support political campaigning. According to the Irish Times there are also concerns over “alleged poor corporate governance, a lack of internal controls and proper separation of duties”, while the group’s credit cards “may have been used for private purchases, with the money being reimbursed later”. GLEN has also apparently appointed an external investigator to examine allegations of bullying made by staff. Amid the controversy, the charity’s Executive Director Áine Duggan has resigned. Ms Duggan had only joined the charity in September.


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