Teachers called to tell children about LGBT as early as possible

RADSTOCK, UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 06: A young boy plays with toys at a playgroup for pre-school aged children in Chilcompton near Radstock on January 6, 2015 in Somerset, England. Along with the health and the economy, education and childcare are to be key issues in the forthcoming election. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) have called for children as young as two be taught some basic LGBT content. However teachers at the NUT’s conference say current provisions for sex and relationships education (SRE) had not enough LGBT-promoting policies within British schools, so that is why the impact on mental condition of students might be negative. Teachers at the conference, in Cardiff, voted to back a motion that said they would “campaign to ensure a comprehensive age-appropriate content including promotion of LGBT+ matters for all schools from nursery throughout all phases of state education”. Annette Pryce, a member of the NUT’s executive, said the government’s current plans are not providing the necessary level of inclusiveness. She told the conference: “Those generations of young LGBT+ people who have been failed by the system are still not told explicitly in the law that their lives are important too,” Ms Pryce said, “The NUT… needs to ensure that SRE is inclusive to LGBT young people now and forever.” Kiri Tunks, a teacher in East London and the NUT’s vice president said: “This is a dangerous loophole that will leave many young people ignorant and vulnerable so while relationships will be taught in primary school, sex won’t. The need for fully funded and inclusive SRE is huge. Let’s continue campaigning for proper inclusive sex education in all our schools for all our children.” Members also expressed concerns that a “right wing, religious lobby” would water down government plans.


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