Trans sport competition held in India


An Indian state is set to hold the country’s first ever meet-up for transgender sportsmen in different kinds of sport. Organised by the Kerala State Sports Council, it will be the first event celebrating the trans inclusiveness in sports on the state level in India. Speaking to The Times of India, event organiser Anil Arjunan said the government initiative was hoping to attract about 20 participants from each district. Events will include 100m and 220m sprints, shot put, long jump and relay. Events will include 100m and 220m sprints, shot put, long jump and relay with competitors racing against those from both their own and other districts. Participants will also get the chance to take part in a three-day warm up, with coaching available in different disciplines. Shyama, a 25-year-old trans medical graduate who is also on the event’s organising committee, says she is incredibly happy to be in sports again without being laughed at for ‘running like a woman’. She added: “This event will be a revival of dreams for many, including me. The transgender sports meet will be an experience as well as an opportunity for everyone in the community.’ The event will be held at the Palayam Central Stadium in South India on April 28.


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