Trans Vietnamese receive hormones only illegally


The Government of Vietnam does not provide hormones for trans people and they can get them only from Thailand and self-medicate. Huynh Nha An, 21, self-prescribes and injects hormones to stop her facial hair growing back. Every month she must decide whether top get hormones or some food to eat. She relies on advice from her friends about how much medication she should take and how often. In 2015, Vietnam updated its laws to recognise the true gender of people who had undergone gender reassignment surgery. But they did not give them any opportunity for surgery in their own country and have to go abroad. The Vietnamese government is now drafting legislation that will allow people to officially change their gender. But the law is unlikely to come into effect until 2019. Its health ministry is also weighing up whether to legalize hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery as part of the law. People who do not undergo hormone therapy or surgery would not be allowed to update their gender legally.


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