17-year-old boy will spend 6 years in jail for attacking a trans man


The teen who left his victim with brain bleed and broken nose receives his sentence. Owen Wise, 17, of Kingham Court, New Street, Aylesbury, verbally abused his victim, making offensive anti-trans remarks and then robbed him. And then he punched him in the face, knocking his victim to the ground and causing a bleed to the brain, a broken nose and a cheek wound. He was not alone in it, it was a group attack. Michael Thorpe, aged 21, of Beech Green, Aylesbury, was also arrested on 28 July 2016, and sentenced today to two years and three months after pleading guilty to one count of theft. Kaviraj Choolun, Senior Crown Prosecutor from Thames and Chiltern CPS, said: “This case involved the robbery of a 40-year-old transgender man, motivated by hate, which resulted in horrendous long-lasting injuries.” Choolun said even though Owen Wise was just 16 at the time of the robbery, he was “the ringleader of those involved. “He pleaded guilty to robbery, but denied targeting the victim due to vulnerability and claimed to have only hit him once. He is clearly an extremely violent and dangerous individual. Michael Thorpe did not use any violence during the incident, but was part of the group when the robbery took place and the group used hate as a motive. He admitted to stealing the victim’s mobile phone during the robbery and pleaded guilty to theft.” Choolun emphasised that “from the outset, the CPS said this offence was a hate crime aggravated by transphobic hostility and persisted in prosecuting it as a hate crime”.


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