Alabama Governor left anti-LGBT adoption agencies without protection

2 moms

The Governor of Alabama is being urged to veto a bill allowing adoption agencies to limit people in adoption or to forbid them to dopt at all if they are in same-sex relationships. The bill, HB24, was passed by the Alabama Senate this week aiming to let the adoption agencies say ‘no’ to gay couples f homosexuality goes contrary their religion. The sponsor of the bill, Republican Senator Bill Hightower, claims that the bill would protect the agencies and allow them to continue to place children in appropriate homes. But the legislation has been criticised by Democratic Senators and the Human Rights Campaign who say it is nothing but an attempt to cover discrimination. The Senate passed the bill with 23 votes to 9, and was largely passed with the backing of Republicans, and opposed by Democrats. It will return to the House, which has already passed the bill, as an amendment was added. Then it will go to Governor Kay Ivey who will have an opportunity to veto or sign the bill. Other states like South Dakota, Michigan, North Dakota and Virginia have already passed similar legislation.


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