Ann Widdecombe commented the situation with Farron


The former Conservative MP has come to the defence of Mr Farron, following a row over whether he believes homosexuality is sinful.The anti-gay politician claimed that it should not be a big issue. “All I can say to that is there’s a war in Syria, starvation in East Africa, a Brexit negotiation, an economy to get going, an education to pick up off the floor and an NHS to sort out, and if you’re really worried about homosexuality in the middle of all of that, then I would say there’s a lack of proportion there,” she commented, saying that in the light of current election these issues are not fundamental, but she does not deny that people should be protected from discrimination on any level. As for Farran the politician feels that he “won’t be sidelined on that is a perfectly respectable position to take. Whether it’s one I would take I don’t know, but it’s perfectly respectable.”


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