Gio Benitez and his husband Tommy DiDario – one year together


Benitez told People. com that he does not believe that there is already an anniversary because they feel like during a honeymoon, because they are so in love that time runs rapidly, that is why they treasure every single minute together. Gio says that even going to grocery with his hubby is a special moment. ‘Seriously, you learn so much about a person when you’re shopping for food! Plus, I now know which dark chocolate bar to sneak in for him when I have to run to the store for something quick.’ He also admires wedding pics every dy and his phone is full of them. DiDario says he still can’t say ‘my husband’ enough. ‘I’m proud to say “my husband” any chance that I get. He’s more than my spouse, he’s more than my partner — he’s my husband.’ Gio wrote in Instagram:
‘When we walked down the aisle one year ago, we didn’t want one person to walk down before the other. Instead, we met halfway to symbolize that we will never put ourselves ahead of our spouse. And today, I can proudly say that is a promise I have and forever will keep. Happy first wedding anniversary my love, @GioBenitez. I love you more than words can say ❤️’ .


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