Most Germans favor marriage equality


75% of residents of Germany would like to grant to same-sex couples the equal marriage rights, according to a study of Emnid institute.

At the same time, 20% of respondents opposed comprehensive adoption of same-sex marriage, which would make them legally identical to the marriage union between a woman and a man. Another 5% found it difficult to answer.

According to a similar investigation conducted in January 2017, commissioned by the Center for Discrimination under the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany (ADS), 83% of German citizens supports the idea of granting same-sex couples equal rights with opposite sex.

As reminds Deutsche Welle, in 2001 in Germany has been legalized the special form of official registration of the same-sex unions, deprived, however, some rights, for example, on adoption.

In 2011, the EU Court ruled that German citizens living in officially registered same-sex families are entitled to the same pension provision as the opposite-sex partners.


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