Play about Virgin Mary with a lesbian storyline irritates conservatives

Cross and sunset

An LGBT theatre company in the US has prompted controversy by showing a play which depicts the alternative versions of Bible stories where main characters are gay. The Atlanta-based Out Front Theatre Company, which only stages performances from LGBT writers, is remaining defiant after a Christian group called the play “blasphemous”, they got 40 thousand signatures under the petition to shut the play down. The play, called ‘The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told’, depicts comic versions of Old Testament Bible stories, seen through the eyes of a gay couple called Adam and Steve and a lesbian couple called Jane and Mabel. The protest is being driven by a conservative Catholic group called America Needs Fatima, which aims to “spread the message of [the Virgin Mary] throughout the United States”. Members of the Christian group are particularly angry about a scene in the play that “refers to the Virgin Mary as a lesbian”. The group has mentioned on its website that “the playwright himself is a homosexual”. Paul Conroy, the theatre’s artistic director, has said the play will go ahead as planned. Late last month, he said, he began receiving outraged phone calls and emails. The play was originally written by Paul Rudnick, a gay American playwright and essayist, and premiered in New York in 1998.


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