Tattoo master is under attack for a tattoo she made on gay man’s arm


Alisha Rice of Think Tank Tattoo in Denver, Colorado shared the NFL-themed pin-up tattoo she had created on Instagram. The man whom she made a tattoo prefers his name not to be publicly revealed, but it is known that he is gay.The tattoo features a suggestive drawing of Green Bay Packers quarterbck Aaron Rodgers trouser-less and wearing a jockstrap.Ms Rice wrote: “You aren’t a #GreenBay fan, until you are an #AaronRodgers in a jockstrap pinup tattoo wearing fan. #greenbaypackers #packersfan #greenbayallday #alisharice #thinktanktattoo #instagay #gayjock #buzzfeedstyle #pinupguy #lgbtpride”. But people reacted mostly negatively. One wrote: “Aaron should confiscate this gay guys arm. Not cool.” Another added: “What I’m [sic] tarnation is this gay ass s**t? This is what y’all do up in Wisconsin? Don’t even look like his face and that helmet is severely f**ked. This some homo ass s**t”. Ms Rice fired back: “Your hate is unwelcome here. Being heterosexual doesn’t give the right to name call people that are different from you.” When another commenter derisively posted “Bruh this n***a gay”, she fired back: “No s**t. Is this a new concept to you, that some people are gay?” Later she made another post writing: “I’d like to to thank the Internet and the bloggers that brought homophobic football fans and armchair tattoo critiques to my door. I am happy with the results and so is the client. You may not understand why someone would want a hunky football player tattoo, but tattooing is personal. This tattoo is a celebration of identity, home, and team. That’s it! Hate and bigotry are not welcome here.”


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