Trolls attack a 3-year-old because of the Easter egg


Martin Van Evelingen hosted an Easter outdoor party where he gave MY Little POny Easter egg to his lovely little nephew. But after he posted photos of his nephew at the gathering in Redruth, Cornwall, trolls attacked him and the child because of an egg chosen. He bought a large My Little Pony egg and three mini Barbie eggs, being motivated by little Braydon’s favourite TV show. One wrote: “Why buys a boy a ‘girl’ Easter egg? How nasty and disrespectful” While another added: “How disgusting you forcing a boy to like My Little Pony and Barbie when the audience is aimed at girls.” Despite claiming to be “all for equality”, a third added: “Buying a girly egg for a boy is another level of equality.” Others claimed: “Barbie is for girls, not boys unless they are gay!” and “Boys should play with cars not ponies!” The uncle removes all the comments and added that there is nothing bad in making Barbie and ponies available for boys. “Packaging should not be the reason for buying something, when Zyrana and I were in school we had a box full of boy toys and a box full of girl toys,” the uncle says, “With us being in 2017, I would like to think that the generations and school have come a long way since then, but from the comments I was receiving it shows to me that a lot of schools still have the typical ‘boy toys/zone’ & ‘girl toys/zone’.” Adding: “Not buying a toy a child wants because it is aimed at the opposite sex is vile, all children have the right to play with and believe what they want to. So let all children play with what they want.”


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